I was really shy and had no confidence and talking in front of a big group of people was difficult but now I have confidence to stand up and talk in front of other people with pride. Thank you Development Hub for the opportunity to attend the course.
Initiate Rangatahi
I am so grateful to have come across this opportunity and being able to connect with like minded people. I have gained so much confidence, strength and positive vibes. I have also been able to create a CV and learnt how to write and edit a Cover letter. Being here and doing it alongside other ladies makes you feel supported and wanting to keep going.
Initiate Rangatahi
I found this experience very rewarding. Practicing with mock interviews and building my self esteem to be confident in real life situations. Creating captivating cover letters that detailed my key skills and attributes as to why I would be perfect for the role.
Contact Centre Programme
By attending this course I have written a new and improved C.V and cover letter which I am very appreciative of and now have the confidence to speak properly and present myself well. Overall I have enjoyed coming to this course and being able to connect with others and learning about so many different opportunities in life.
Te Ruhia
Wāhine Toa
I am more confident in myself and speaking in front of large groups of people. The skills I will be leaving with is how to make strong connections, team building and be more passionate. I would like to thank the facilitators who are strong, inspiring and powerful wāhine who believe in all of us and our worth. I would recommend this programme for all women who need that push to get back into mahi or full time study.
Initiate Rangatahi
The changes I have been through on this course are beyond amazing. I feel empowered, confident, and I’m ready to take on the world. My overall experience has been awesome!! I love learning new things, especially about myself and being able to grow into a better person. I want to thank all the facilitators that have helped me on my journey, I am so very thankful.
Initiate Rangatahi
I enjoyed meeting new people and making new connections as well as friends. I enjoyed the lessons taught by the facilitators, and feel as though I am now well equipped to go through life with a positive outlook and further myself both professionally and personally.
Te Pura
Initiate Rangatahi
The Development Hub Wahine Toa 2020 programme helped me in more ways. I am so much more confident and comfortable with who I am and what I am capable of doing. This whole experience has been amazing and I'm so thankful for this opportunity, my life is going up from here, and I am grateful for you all being a part of my journey.
Wāhine Toa

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