Supporting our Māmā

At the Development Hub we have the opportunity of working with mothers, and have seen some amazing transformations through our Integrate, Enable and Initiate Wāhine Toa programmes.

Mothers are the backbone of many families; at The Development Hub we have the had pleasure of working with more than 70 mothers with children under 18 years old. Many of these wahine have faced hardship and challenging situations but show resilience, perseverance and courage. We have the chance to get a deeper understanding of the challenges our mothers face on a daily basis.

These ladies are an absolute joy to work with. They believe and understand the kaupapa of our programme. They grew personally and professionally, were eager to change their lives and pursue all opportunities available to them. They found motivation, confidence and built lasting friendships with their peers and tutors. For many of them standing in front of people introducing themselves was out of their comfort zone, but after being on our programme they stood tall and proudly shared their visions for the future. They have designed lives that align to their new goals that better support their tamariki.

We have established relationships with several Hawke’s Bay employers who understand that split shift work to enables mothers to balance caring for their children with providing for their whānau. The pride, self-confidence and personal growth we have seen in these wahine is astounding. Now they can see that being a working māmā is possible.

We are excited to continue working with these ladies and see what their futures have in store.

If you know a Mum who is keen to return to the workforce, but needs a little help to take the first step, contact us at 0800 DEV HUB or via email:

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