Initiate Wahine Toa

By Jessica Rapaea graduate of the Initiate Wahine Toa Programme

Ko te Mana Wahine, Ko te hā Ko te oranga, Te hei mauri ora.

The strength within a woman is to breathe life into many!

Four weeks of personal and professional development? Four weeks of cv writing, confidence building and job hunting? WHY..

As a woman between the ages of 25-60 you never expect to be selected to go on a journey of personal development for yourself. Why? Because we as mums, wives, sisters, and aunties are so selfless, focusing on our Whanau and friends that we often forget about ourselves. Just managing to get by and struggling is something many wahine go through every day. We forget that in order to progress, for the betterment of our Whanau, we have to remember to love ourselves, too.
At The Development Hub we are greeted by an awesome team. We felt instantly accepted. Everyone is eager to know who you are? What makes you who YOU really are? Which is something you don’t come across all too often. You quickly find out that this environment is ready to empower and inspire us to be the Wahine Toa we naturally are, but often forget, because our day to day lives are already so hectic. We’ve actually lost touch with who we are.

To be uplifted and given the gift of self-discovery for ourselves is truly a gift. Many people don’t get the chance to do this. To re-discover our own self confidence and self worth, to be taken care of by others who are not your family and yet feel so loved and accepted by everyone, makes this journey to self-discovery an easy way to know WHO I AM!, WHO WE ARE!, and that together we as WAHINE TOA can achieve all things possible again with the help of the team at The Development Hub.

To learn more about The Development Hub programmes contact us at 0800 DEV HUB, or or drop in and see us at Level 1, 118 Queen Street East

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