Case Study – Hinehou Ryland

Completing an Initiate Rangatahi course with The Development Hub opened up a world of possibilities for Hine. Nine months after completing her course Hine is brimming with confidence.

“The course leaders Sarah-Jo and Elisabeth are good team. Sarah is the tough love lady that tells you how it is, and Elisabeth gives you a hug when you cry.”

“The things I learnt, such as goal setting, time management and how to do an on the spot speech, and the monthly catch ups I’ve had since I left the course have helped me build up my confidence at work.”

“My shyness (before) was holding me back. It’s the best feeling ever knowing that I can now talk to people without trying to hide behind my hair.”

Hine has a job with Tumu Frame and Truss, where she is a manufacturing assistant, working in male dominated environment.

“The older men encourage me, and the younger men challenge me.

It’s my goal to show that girls can handle this job.”

For Hine, the most surprising thing about Initiate Rangatahi was how much you can do in three weeks.

“I got my CV and cover letter sorted. But most important of all, my confidence grew. It feels great to have enough confidence to meet someone and put my hand out first.”

“I’m confident, others have confidence in me. That’s the biggest thing.”

Initiate Rangatahi and The Development Hub have helped Hine to fast-track her achievement.

“I’ve nearly got enough money to buy my own house with my Kiwisaver! That’s one of my life goals, to own a house.”

“Dad is happy too. He’s really grateful for the course because it helped me get my life on track and it helped me in ways that WINZ couldn’t.”

Hine’s advice to young women considering Initiate Rangatahi: “Take the chance while you’ve got it, it might not come back again.”

“I’m confident, others have confidence in me. That’s the biggest thing.”
Hinehou Ryland


Business case study



Taking on a candidate from The Development Hub has been a really positive experience for the team at Tumu Frame and Truss. Greg Webley, Production Manager, says that Hine, is one of their best performers in the 21-strong manufacturing team.

“She doesn’t take time off and works bigger hours than most of the guys. There has not been one negative. If I could clone her, I would!”

Hine’s role sees her wrapping and strapping finished product before it’s shipped, and she’s often pulled from pillar to post, says Greg.

“Seeing her perform at the level she does, is a high. I saw her swinging a hammer the other day. She hit a nail in as good as any of the guys.“

“Her communication skills are great. She’s always on the RT. Her catch-phrase is ‘sweet-as’.“

“Hine’s performance appraisal is coming up and hers will be outstanding. We’re keen to develop her in the future.”

Tumu has a long history of supporting initiatives aimed at promoting local people into work. The Development Hub programme appealed due to the work readiness element which Tumu saw as crucial in establishing understanding of employer expectations before candidates start employment.

If candidates know what to expect in a working environment and have received three weeks training in these areas before they start then it is logical that they are more likely to be successful.

Greg says that Tumu Frame and Truss would consider taking on more Development Hub candidates in the future and recommends the organisation to other companies.

“Not enough businesses know about The Development Hub.”

“Our experience has been exceptionally good. From the recommendation that we got, everything they told us was spot on. And they keep in touch once the hire is made to make sure everything is ok.”

“Give them a go.”

“Not enough businesses know about The Development Hub“
Greg Webley, Production Manager

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