Case Study – Akenese Brown

New skills, new friends and a new job she absolutely loves all started with a Development Hub course.

Winning a place on an Initiate Rangatahi course opened many doors and helped in lots of different ways, explains Akenese.

“The programme has lots of benefits for young women. It helps with many aspects of your life.

“The course tutors are the only ones (across my studies and at school) who have related to me on so many levels. The majority of girls are Māori and Pasifika, so to have leaders that understand the cultural aspect and how we have to adapt in New Zealand, is very good.

“They have big hearts to help a lot of girls. It’s like a second chance for us. Not many people would willingly offer to help Māori and Pasifika girls to find jobs, or be determined as much as these guys are.

“They push you to realise that you can do more, and be more.”

thedevelopmenthub_casestudy_small_1Akense says she looked forward to coming to the course every day.

“Meeting new people, forming connections and finding out we were all in the same situation was the best part of it.

“I now have a job that I love, working for Your Call as a Customer Services Representative. Since I finished the course there has been lots of ongoing support from The Development Hub.

“I’ve learnt skills – such as reflection – that I use every day to help me deal with challenges and connect with others. And I am doing more at home, too.

“I’m really proud of completing the course and the things I’ve learned, and of being able to contribute to my family.” To any young woman offered a place on

a Development Hub course, Akenese says: “You won’t regret it!”

“The programme has lots of benefits for young women. It helps with many aspects of your life.”
Akenese Brown


Business case study



Locally owned call centre Your Call has had a two year partnership with The Development Hub (TDH). General Manager, Trevor Bryce says the business gets great value from working with Sarah-Jo and the The Development Hub team.

“Currently four out of our 14 staff came to us via TDH, and we’re very likely to hire more.

“Our recruitment process is streamlined as we start with a short list. TDH understand our brand and what we’re looking for. It’s a huge time saver.

“TDH candidates are prepared. They have done their homework, present well and have the right attitude. They’re work-ready.”

Businesses can access MSD training subsidies when taking on a TDH candidate, but Trevor says that Government money isn’t really a factor.

“The subsidies are a cherry on top of all of the very good reasons why we choose to partner with TDH.”

The Development Hub differs from a recruitment agency because of the support that continues long after placement.

“It’s great to have the help available,” says Trevor.

“We hire for attitude, because no-one has the skills we need. Our TDH team members are super-reliable. They work with a smile, are happy and appreciate what they’ve got.

“Akenese is a bit of a superstar. We’re proud to have her on the team.”

To any employer thinking about partnering with The Development Hub, Trevor says give it a go.

“Having worked closely with TDH over the past two years, the thing that still surprises me is the change that happens in the candidates during the course.

“At the start, the girls don’t seem to have confidence or dreams and aspirations. Sarah-Jo and Elisabeth bring out their personalities and confidence.

“The transformations are amazing. If businesses saw that, they’d quickly understand what’s happening and why The Development Hub has such amazing success with its candidates.”

“The Development Hub understand our brand and what we’re looking for. It’s a huge time saver.”
Trevor Bryce, General Manager
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