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Our programmes provide the tools and help our candidates develop their self-confidence and self-belief to create the future that they choose.

Through personal and professional development our candidates are work-ready, excited, encouraged and empowered to flourish.

We love what we do. Over the past three years we have run more than 30 programmes, working with more than 400 people, achieving some of the highest job placement rates in the country. We have a proven track record of success.

Our success is driven through partnerships with Government, business and community organisations. Together, we support people, business and communities.


There’s a place for all people, including young Māori and Pasifika women, sole parents and those returning to the workforce at The Development Hub. We provide a hand up, and proven practical support to help access education, employment or training opportunities. Our friendly and supportive facilitators relate well to our candidates and have the right mix of skills and experience to help our candidates flourish. To date, more than 400 local people have attended our programmes. We have a proven track record of success and are inspired everyday by the groups we work with.

Courses are between two and six weeks. Tailored training and support help candidates develop their strengths and the foundation skills they need to get the opportunity they want. Ongoing support means that they’re more likely to stay on track.

Our candidates form strong friendships and connections with their fellow candidates, and are excited, empowered and brimming with confidence to take the next step towards training, education and employment. Their transformations are amazing.

They tell us that working is much better than being directionless and they’re proud to be setting a good example for their tamariki and whānau. The changes in our candidates are noticeable and we couldn’t be prouder of our graduates and their mahi.


The Development Hub can help businesses by providing work ready candidates and access to a new group of people they hadn’t previously considered, with a low cost to hire and a proven cost-benefit.

With a three year-track record of success in Hawke’s Bay, The Development Hub is building our local workforce and helping local businesses solve their staffing challenges. In addition to our Initiate Wahine Toa and The Contact Hub programmes, we can also tailor training courses to meet specific business needs. Robust recruitment processes help identify, shortlist and train candidates. Ongoing pastoral care helps candidates to be successful.

Financial assistance maybe available to employers through subsidies and training grants.

To date more than 50 local businesses have partnered with The Development Hub for some or all of their staffing needs. We’re grateful for their support and for the important role they play in building stronger and more resilient communities.

Talk to us about how we can help your business.


We can’t do this alone. Together, we can make a difference.

We know nationally that many people face the Big Five challenges:

 – Economic barriers
 – Inadequate housing
 – Substance abuse
– Gender based violence
– Lack of social connectedness

We need the support and commitment of a community of Government agencies, community and non government organisations to work with us, to help our people and participate in the success of having all people in work, fully engaged and participating in their communities.

The Development Hub and its partners tackle some of the society’s biggest challenges. Our work is hard, but it is rewarding. We are inspired every day by teams we work with, and passionate about supporting people, wahine, and through their success their children, whānau and communities.

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